Parallax Art Fair 2011

Lewk will be showing selected works at the Parallax Art Fair this October.

Destination Two

A 2 metre by 3 metre Orangutang drawn with light, The Hardy-Weinberg Equation, Buffalo ploughs, Scuba diving dogs, Rodeos, Cowboys, Fighter jets and doves.

Destination Two, the summer show from Oxford Artist Lewk Wilmshurst.

Following the success of the Tourist exhibition, the prize winning artist presents a collection of new work encompassing his focal interest in mans’ relationship with the natural world and its future. Destination Two will also provide a second chance to view work from Tourist.
From box framed primate prints to imbalanced marine assemblages of reef shells and ticking clocks, the exhibition will showcase the next instalment from this up and coming artist.

Revealing a different aspect of the artists practice, Destination Two explores Lewk’s interest in our more cancerous human behaviour, asking how long can nature sustain our equilibrium?

Tourist Postcard

Postcard and flyer for Lewk's first solo exhibition, 'Tourist.'
Running from the 1st - 14th April 2011 at FREVD Oxford. See poster for details.

Design by GarryEdisonCook

Tourist Exhibition

Lewk's first solo show, to be held in FREVD Oxford this April.
Poster design by Garry Edison Cook

' Deer Chicago EP ' Sleave Design 11.10

' Deer Chicago EP ' Sleave Design 11.10

'Blue Apple' 10.09